Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

Almost all of us love the idea of celebrating every little piece of occasions – birthdays, anniversary, monthsary, Christmas, baptism, etc. Those events are the proof that we are sympathetic when it comes to celebrating the gift of life and love. Even from simple celebrations up to the most fancy ones, we didn’t let the day pass without remembering it as an important event to us. Continue reading “Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!”

Make Brushing More Fun with Minions!

Oral health is equally important to physical health. That is why we should not neglect the importance of dental hygiene. Taking care of our mouth, teeth and gums prevent some serious diseases that can largely affect our body’s overall condition.

When I was younger, I didn’t pay attention on how to properly brush my teeth. It caused me some serious tooth decays and gum problems for years. When I became so conscious with my physical self, I started to see dentist to take care of my teeth. She advised me to wear braces to fix the crooked teeth and did some procedures like root canal and dental fillings. That was a long process and cost me thousands of bucks but it’s all totally worth it! Continue reading “Make Brushing More Fun with Minions!”

5 Smartphone’s Battery Charging TIPS & TRICKS (A Non-techy Guide)

Gone are the days when phone’s battery can lasts for days (Shout-out to Nokia 3310!). Unlike now that smartphones can only survive hours of using before it runs out of life. Social media, full-graphic games, and Netflix are the things that mostly consume my smartphone’s battery. So, in order to maximize my phone’s charge, let me share you some easy tips I do: Continue reading “5 Smartphone’s Battery Charging TIPS & TRICKS (A Non-techy Guide)”

Belo Sun Expert: My Summer Companion

Summer and I have this love-hate relationship. Every year, this season is my most awaited time to indulge myself to travels and fun activities. I think, most of the people can relate. Who else doesn’t love beach bumming, swimming, or just walking around? A well-planned vacation, for sure, won’t be ruined because weather is in favor to chill and have some fun under the sun.

Continue reading “Belo Sun Expert: My Summer Companion”


Traveling is becoming everyone’s passion. Here in the Philippines, we are fully blessed with beautiful beaches, glorious mountains, and lush green scenery that are just waiting to be discovered. I started out traveling when I graduated from College and continues the passion up until now. I am always excited to go out, and looking forward to the day that even my son can join me and my husband to see the greater world. Continue reading “#IAmUrbanBrave”