How to Smell Fresh All Day Long with #TidePerfume6

During working days in the office, I’m always making sure that I look presentable. The thing that mostly impress the people is how we dress up neatly and fragrantly fresh all day. It’s really important to look presentable during client meetings or even just a simple hi-hello to the boss. As the saying goes, “First impressions last”. Continue reading “How to Smell Fresh All Day Long with #TidePerfume6”

Travel Guide: Pass Island with Reef & Wrecks Tour

My initial Plan on our second day in Coron was the Island Hopping Escapade which is composed of Malcapuya, Bulog Dos, and Banana Islands. But due to gale warning, they cancelled it and replaced it with Pass Island with Reef and Wrecks Tour. Even before I pre-booked our tour, it was not in my list to include this because it is merely for divers. But since I didn’t have a choice, I just pursued this trip just like the rest of the joiners. Same with our Ultimate Coron Tour, we also booked this to JY Travel and Tours. Continue reading “Travel Guide: Pass Island with Reef & Wrecks Tour”

Family playtime with OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion

Being a first time Mom, everything about handling a family doesn’t come with a manual. There are lots of things to prioritize to ensure that both of my little one and husband is well-pampered. One of my tasks as a mother is to take care of them so that they are always healthy because I strongly agree on the saying that “Health is Wealth”. It’s on top of my priority lists. Continue reading “Family playtime with OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion”

Wandering Oslob, South Cebu

After our Cebu City escapade, another adventure awaited us at South Cebu. We traveled for almost 3 hours just to catch the earliest whale shark encounter in Oslob. This activity has been quite popular with locals and foreigners that’s why people often flock down here to experience swimming with the gentle giants. Continue reading “Wandering Oslob, South Cebu”

Exploring The Historical Cebu City

With its rich history and famous lechon, Cebu City is everyone’s top place to tick off on their bucket lists (including us). When we booked our flight last February, I kept on reading blogs about Cebu City’s top destinations. I actually checked every places on Google Map if they are near to each other, so it is easier for us to transfer from place to place. Continue reading “Exploring The Historical Cebu City”

Travel Guide + Itinerary: Cebu City / Oslob / Dumaguete City / Siquijor

I am excited to share this amazing trip with Kurt! We booked our flight to Cebu last February when there was a Cebu Pacific seat sale. We scored our tickets for only P883 each, back and forth. Since then, I keep on reading blogs on what to do, places to see, restaurants to try on our visit to the Queen City of the South. Continue reading “Travel Guide + Itinerary: Cebu City / Oslob / Dumaguete City / Siquijor”

Weekend Adventure: Republ1c Wakepark

Our usual weekly vacation in Laguna became a mini adventure. I was scared at first to try Wakeboarding, but yeah, I must set aside my fear and just go. Another thing was that, I ticked off another thing on my bucket lists, finally! Continue reading “Weekend Adventure: Republ1c Wakepark”

Quick Lunch at Pan de Amerikana

We were about to go to Robinson’s Galleria when we stuck on traffic at C5. Since it was 12:00 noon already, we decided to have a quick lunch near Katipunan and I suggested to try Pan de Amerikana (because I heard this place for so long that I wanted to try). Continue reading “Quick Lunch at Pan de Amerikana”